A few months ago, a student from the Harvard MBA program reached out to chat about fintech in Nigeria, and the possibility of getting some experience in the field for her summer internship.

According to her, Nigeria is thought to have the sexiest fintech ecosystem. I’d take that.

Abena and I spent two hours discussing her background in healthcare, her keen interest in fintech, and what it was like to lead a fintech business in Nigeria. …

The ultimate goal of product management is to build a product that incrementally meets the needs of users. If you can successfully create a loved product that meets the needs of users, you’re creating value and will ultimately capture value.

It is widely accepted that Product lies in between Business, Tech and Design.

I lead a product organisation at OPay that is structured around:

  1. Research
  2. Core Product (merchant and internal tools, mobile and technical integrations)
  3. Design (UI/UX)

My background and experience have given me breadth but I didn’t have as much depth on the tech side of things. Like I…

My most profound moment of aspiration was in April 2016, 35 days after I gave birth to my son, Sore (show-ray). In my effort to secure his passport at the Philadelphia passport office, I walked past the University of Pennsylvania. I stopped, took in the sight of it and with only $200 in my pocket and a return ticket to Nigeria, I nursed a daring thought, “I want Sore to come here”. That’s a $200,000 thought (at least).

When I returned home, I started putting money away in a bank but I was not empowered with information or options to…

“OPay has really changed my life!”, Stella Osanakpo, a mobile money agent situated at Ojota, declares. She stumbled across the OPay platform on Facebook and went on to become the first agent to offer basic financial services to the people around her in Ojota Biode Motorpark. “People had to go out and make their transfers, they had to leave work, to leave the park and go looking for a place to send their money. …

Seun Runsewe

I have a boisterous, unrestrained laugh.

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